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Sasha -
1. I loved your video. You are very sweet.
2. I loved your hair - not crazy at all.
3. I loved your card - the extra line of string is a perfect touch.
4. I loved that you just made the video and didn't worry about it being perfect.
5. I loved that you loved your card - I loved it too!
6. One of my favourite bits of the video - (when you were talking about your red string) "This is something, I don't know" Just made me chuckle, but now I want to get to my craft store and buy red string!
7. Thanks, you made me smile and I want to make a card just like that.


You couldn't be cuter! Loved watching your video!!!! :)


Sasha, you are DARLING! so much fun to hear and see you--and i love the birds chirping in the background, i could almost pretend i was in Singapore too :) very cool.


Sasha! It's real you moving!? Oh my. I love that punch and again, you let me start shopping so easily!

Cathy P

Fun video! You are too cute Sasha :))))
Now I want that Fiskars stamp press...it's officially on my wish list!


very cool idea...way to go!


Loved the tutorial Sasha! The hair, the shrieking... everything! Loved it all! You're great!!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Super cute lah! lol...

Beth Ann

Love the video Sasha! and the card is so pretty - I will definitely be using this, perhaps for Mother's Day cards!

Valerie Mangan

Love your card and your video Sasha!!


I'm not gonna lie, the shrieking was my favorite part. I laughed.


So cute! This was a great video. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Tan

OMG Sasha you're too cute!!!! Love the little tutorial.. and I didn't know you're left handed! :)

Michelle Clement

You're so cute, Sasha!! :) Lovely!

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