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Great idea, Sasha! Thanks for the sweet video. I will definitely give it a try. :)

Lisa - lisascraps

Fabulous technique! Thanks for sharing, Sasha.
You are too cute in this video ~ I loved it :)


I love when you all make videos! It's great to 'get to know' you all at SC! Great video too. Love the butterflies!

Amy S.

Sasha, your video caused me a lot of smiling! It is fun to see personalities through the videos. I love how you got excited when your stamping turned out. :) Thanks for the tutorial!

Missy Gener

Sasha, I love it! You are just too cute! Thank you so much for sharing such a fun technique!

kathleen p.

Oh my goodness, you are just too adorable : )
Love your layout and the card you made!! Thanks for sharing with us!


Sasha you are the cutest thing alive! :D Loved this video! Thanks so much for sharing it! *Hugs!!*


Sasha, I loved this video! You're so adorable... your personality is just so bubbly!

Loved the tutorial. Thanks for doing this!


You are absolutely adorable, Sasha! Thanks for the tutorial! And don't you dare stop shrieking, that's the best part!

Jennifer Sanborn

YAY! :)

jackie radu

fun technique! what kind of stamp mount is that anyway?

sasha farina

thank you thank you thank you everyone for watching!!

sasha farina

Jackie - that is Fiskars Stamp Press - google it, you'll be able to see it better :)

Sarah W

I loved your video! I also love loved this layout so seeing how it was done was really great!


You did a wonderful job!!!! Love this video!!

Jessica R.

I loved this!

C. Rayevich

cute cute cute!!!!!!!
You & the card!!!

Diane Payne

Sasha I loved your video...you are too cute for words!


love the video! sasha, you are just too cute and like those above, i love to see the personalities of everyone at sc!


Great video of a lovely idea. I also loved how it sounds like you live by the ocean with happy birds.

kim smart

awww...you are adorable sasha! so neat to really hear your voice! i always wonder how people sound in real life. great video, love your layouts!

Christina Ocampo

Your so adorable Sasha! Loved your video!


As if I didn't already love you enough before, now I am completely infatuated with you dear Sasha! What a cutey you are. Great video and I could listen to your accent all day and I LOVE your beautiful hair. No more apologies OK?


your too cute !~

Marti Richards

Sasha- you are adorable!! I totally get that excited when my stamping comes out, too! ;)

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