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amy tangerine

brilliant! i am looking forward to getting home and getting more organized!

Michele H.

Love your punch storage Nik. Mine just sit in a basket right now but it's starting to overflow. I need something like this.


great ideas, i want your days of the week stamps, so sorry i missed out on those and the months


I LOVE that stand from PB! What a great way to keep your faves visible. I must have one! :)


Thanks for the napkin holder tip----just this week I was wondering of a better solution for my clear stamps!

Jessica R.

Love your ideas & your storage areas! TFS!!

kelly b

Nicole, what is the name of the ikea storage? I am making my annual trek next week and want to look at this! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!


Kelly, the storage carts I use from Ikea are from the Antonius series...they are SUPER reasonable to purchase and I love them to bits!


For anyone wondering, I have seen the galvanized 3-tiered organizer at HomeGoods as well for a fraction of the price at PB. I have seen it again this year in PB's catalog and it was in my local store as well. It really works great for summer BBQs as well- but like I said, I have seen a replica at HomeGoods for those that have one in your area!

kelly b

Thanks Nicole! I put it on my list!


i am making my very first trip to ikea in march and will be sure to look for some organizational items. i am afraid that my VISA will hate me after the trip!!!


Fun storage ideas! I would have never thought of a napkin holder. And I had to go check out the IKEA Antonius stuff. The price is right for me! I think I'm going to check it out if I ever get back to IKEA. Thanks for the ideas. :)

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