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Terrific video Emily! SO fun to watch!!
Love the title on the layout. Awesome.

Heather V

So much fun to see your scrapbooks, Emily! And to see how you've changed and progressed. Thanks for sharing with all of us in blogland!

Ally White

Loved seeing all your old layouts!


That was too much fun! ... loved it :)

Jessica R.

Love this! That was so fun! I enjoy looking through my own past one. So looking through yours was a super fun treat!


I have a question: isn't the point of scrapbooking to capture our memories? If we are going to "laugh" at our old albums and their style what is the point of me joining this club, using the newest product and implementing the newest techniques? It seems that years from now people will be looking at my pages and laughing at them rather than enjoying the memories I have documented. Am I wrong? Help me out here.


Emily fabulous video thanks for sharing!!!

@Mary : I can see where you are coming from, but the truth is it's not about laughing at the memories but I think more of chuckling at the creative box sometimes we find ourselves in when we are just starting out and trying to find our way so to speak. I myself like Emily giggle about the creative aspect of my earlier work but that in no way takes away from the memories. I would never consider "re-doing" an older album because of it. As far as I'm concerned it is what it is and that is good enough for me! If anything I like to celebrate how my scrapbooking style has evolved into something that is 'mine' ! So I say keep going Mary and don't hold back! Scrapooking is a real journey in itself! Hope this helps {hugs}

joy alexander

Hi there Emily...glad to have met you at CHA and have enjoyed watching your video. Hope our paths cross more often. Joy (April's mom)


Aww Emily!! That was so cute!! I love seeing people's style progression. I can totally see the Cathy Z era in myself too! I love that you could look back and still like things you had done too. That is something I struggle with. So cool! Thanks for sharing!!!


Mary, I think we can laugh at our own pages because we know the styles, the trends, the latest and greatest. But 98% of people looking at my LO's and albums (my family and friends) could care less and have no clue what CHA a line was released at and whether my scrapbooking style is on trend or not. I think it's fun to see how my style has changed and evolved through the years. I'm not sure that answers your question about joining this kit club but here's mine: I like receiving a kit each month with coordinated product that goes together without being too matchy matchy (everything from the same line). It makes scrapbooking easier and more fun for me & I rarely use my stash these days because the kits are there ready to go!

emily pitts

Mary, in response to your question: I apologize if you felt I was "laughing" at my old albums and their style. I didn't feel that way at all. It's simply a style (scrapbooking in this case, but it's the same for clothing, furniture, hairstyles, anything really) that was popular at the time and I find it fun to look back and revel in the memories as well as marvel at how much my style has evolved. That's all I was doing. Because design and style are such a part of who I am, I notice them. I did this video to show a style progression, not to make fun of myself. I won't ever go back and re-do a page because I'll never catch up as it is! I find it fun to look back, I love to see the changes. Being part of a kit club, getting the newest products and trying the newest techniques is how I change and I enjoy that. I'm sorry if I presented a different message to you. My family (who has NO DESIRE to scrapbook) loves looking at these old pages, they don't analyze my style and techniques, they see the memories.


Thanks for all of your responses! I find myself "scared" to scrapbook because I see this alot on boards and blogs - people seemingly poking fun at their "baby steps" in scrapbooking. I have an entire room full of product (and I HAVE joined SC) but I haven't made an album in four years! I've become more of a collector than a scrapbooker - love the products and it looks like fun but I don't want anyone laughting at my pages because I was caught up in some trend at some point or following some designer. So here I sit - stuck. Any pointers on how to get over this? (I know I must sound so silly).

emily pitts

Mary, here's what I did to get over that EXACT same issue: I decided I wasn't going to scrap chronologically. I know myself and knew that if I started from the beginning, I'd gradually get "better" design-wise and would cringe if i looked back. I didn't want to cringe when I looked back at all the baby pictures, so I did a few from then, then a few from now, and a few from in-between. No one is going to laugh. I might make light of my older pages only because of the design style that was popular at the time (ripping paper for example), but I love the pictures and the journaling, it really doesn't matter that I ripped something. We're all going to get caught up in trends, just enjoy it while it's there and think of the looking back and poking fun that MIGHT happen with fellow scrappers as a camaraderie building thing. Every one of us can relate. But what's important is that you get the stories told, so start now :) I look at it like this: I remember how much I LOVED those knickers my mom made for me when I was 8. I look back at those pictures and laugh. But I still love them.


you are just the cutest. *ever.*


thanks for letting us take a look at your pages!

Vonda Orders

Enjoyed looking at your albums with you. Kind of piggy backing on Mary's comment - I found myself thinking your "early work" was great and something I still aspire to (for one thing I'm a huge Cathy Z fan), to have scrapbook pages that are artistic, with clear photos of actual events not just head shots, and actually tell a story. Although, in that regard your "style" seems pretty consistent through the years. Thanks for sharing!

About SC - I am a member of this club because I love the kits and I don't have time to shop for myself. I like to joke that I need to make sure I'm spending money whether I have time to go to the craft store or not. LOL!


Thanks for sharing Emily. Your albums are beautiful! I liked seeing how you went from post bound albums to ring albums just like I did. Joining SC's kit club is one of the best things I've done in my scrapbooking years!


OMGosh, such a hoot to look back - TFS! Watching you show the evolution of your scrapping style reminds me of where I started (I was a huge cathy zielske fan!) I love looking thru old albums to remember the moments AND to see how my style has changed. And sometimes I pick up a technique and use it again. (I am soo going to cut a title from a photo again. That rocks!)


Thx for sharing your pages Em! Remembering different phases of our scrapbooking is fun to me. I enjoyed that your quick review was a lot about the style at the time you did the page along with a mention about the specific memory you were documenting.

Mary, my personal philosophy is two fold. Touch it once; the pages are what they are & I'm grateful that they are completed for my family. Life is not perfect & neither are my pages. I would never do a single page if I didn't have these two philosophies. Good luck Mary.

Melissa Shea

I just joined SC and I'm excited to find what appears so far as a happy and supportive crafting community! I enjoyed reading through the comments b/c while I knew you were not making fun of yourself or the pages you created I got a little nervous b/c your first album's look a lot like mine now! I still have a lot of learning and growing to do! And like a lot of people said, my family doesn't have a clue of product/design trends. They think it's so cool that I preserve our families memories. And having a little part of my brain that wonders what the crafting community would say, that just encourages me to keep at it, grow at whatever I like and be inspired by them! I'm so excited to get my first kit in May! And I live in Denver too! Thanks Emily for showing your albums!

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