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Welcome to the U.S. Celine! I can see why you like those papers, they are beautiful!!

Britta Swiderski

Hehe this is cute. I don't know why, but it totally surprised me that she has a French accent.... even though I knew she was from France. Ha! Love seeing the DT and hearing them talk!

Laura Evangeline



Seriously darling your are Celine!



Amy Coose

Just too cute, Celine!

Caroline Hoogstoel Alias Kyopuce

hihi You make me smile on this sunday morning Celine ;-))
Profites bien pour toutes les scrappeuses francaises qui revent d'etre à ta place !! bisousssss

ellen s

that is the cutest!

celine navarro

awwww you guys make me blush now! :-) mwah! love you!


ahh love it! dont tell anyone but I've kissed paper too!


Celine rocks!

celine navarro

Meghan! I'm glad I'm not alone! :D

Jessica R.

OMG isnt she is the cutest! And she's kissing paper! Love her!!!


Wahouuuuu notre Céline Nationale qui se la pète aux states !!! Excellent j'adore ! et en plus qui c'est qui qu'on voit derrière toi??? un petit bonus de la vidéo , la grande Karine!!
Bizz les filles

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