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This was so cool!! It would be interesting to see, and read, how the other SC products are made and what was the inspiration behind them! So keep them coming! =)

Heather V

That is awesome!


Oh gosh, anything from him would be great. It's really interesting. I actually thought everything was done on computer nowadays - how wrong was I?
Debra in Australia

Stephen Lee Ogden

Yep ... printed black, scanned in, add color and compose.

Amy H

LOVE this!! He is SO talented!


Love it!

Robin Hanning

That is so cool. Thanks for sharing.


So cool to see how things are made - anything else like that would be great too!


cool beans.

Jill Sprott

Wow -- WAY cool!


This is so great! Thanks for sharing the process!

Jennifer Larson

That looks amazing. Love the letters...

jo ann k delery

i love seeing techniques like this. ink, paper, more ink, and on and on. thanks stephen!

andie librandi...

wow, a neat process...i would have never guess you went that direction to achieve your final product, but it's more fun that way, huh?! my design professor from college would totally love you, stephen! have you ever heard of the hamilton wood type museum up in wisconsin...that's like his 2nd home. haha! :) thanks for sharing!

Jennifer B.

I read about this at 2peas. It's neat to see photos of how it's done. Cool!


Really fun to see this process! Thanks Stephen!


That is awesome!!!! Thanks for giving us a peak behind the scenes!

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