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So cool!


Can he show us how the acrylic stamps are made?

kathleen p.

SO very cool! Thanks an inside peek!!!

Michelle L

I'd love to see how other patterned papers are made! For some reason I thought these were all made on the computer! So cool!

Sarah Jay

Totally flippin' amazing peek into the pattern design. I'd love to see sketches because that's how most of of my projects start.


very cool - thanks for sharing! would love to see more of these behind the scene - really interesting!

Michelle Early

I'm so excited to see that he used real type - I love the letterpress influences!

amy tangerine

oh my goodness, this is the coolest thing ever. love that you are sharing these "behind the scenes"!!

Keshet Shenkar

Oooh, very cool! I'd love to see how you come up with image ideas and inspiration in the first place!


So cool! I always wonder how these products are made! :)

Stephen Lee Ogden

Most of our papers are computer generated ... but, when time and style allows ... I prefer some hands on. Thanks for the feedback.

Karen P (kphike)

Love love this....you have the best toybox! really fun to see others creative processes!

Vee P

That is sooo cool! So good to see what work goes into making the final product! I def would love to see more with pattern papers & your stamps.. Thanks again! `=D


I also thought this was made on a the computer.


I also thought this was made on the computer.

Amy Baldwin

I would love to see more! Absolutely love the way he created the designs. You gotta love vintage offset letters! TFS!


This is so cool!! I don't have suggestions, but keep these behind the scenes pictures coming!


really cool.

How is the translated into the paper... scanned in? then edited to add color?

Angela H.

That is awesome! I love that digital design has an analog beginning. I love behind-the-scenes stuff!


very cool! I have no idea for future... but this was pretty neat :)


I love it! Seeing the steps is so cool! Thanks! Great papers! Lets see more!

Lexi Bridges

this is an amazing behind the scenes sneak--love it!!

Diane Payne

I love the papers even more after seeing how they were created!

Valerie Mangan

What a great sneak peek. How cool that vintage typesetting letters were used. More posts like this would be great!



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