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Jen S

I am loving me some clover!

Ann Cicilie

I'll have to say CLover, though it's hard to choose! Awesome giveaway :)

Michelle Goodness

Bluegrass for me!!!

Holly H.

I'm seriously in love with clover. It will definitely replace my current fave. (lunch tray)Bluegrass is a close second tho. :)

Sandra ltb

I am thinking right now my favorite is bonny blue!
Thanks for the fun.
Sandra ltb


I've got to say Clover. :-)

Christi Parker

oh i can't choose, i love them all equally!

Ashleigh B.

Definitely clover! Love all of the colors though!

Kimberly L.C.

Bluegrass, for sure!

Heather B

I use lots of turquoise in my layouts so I pick Bonny Blue as my fav.

Marti Richards

Bonny Blue! Thanks for a chance to win them all b/c I really want them all!


Absolutely adorable! But bluegrass is one of my top fave. Thanks for the win.

Lisa Forsythe

bluegrass for me:)


bluegrass looks crazy fun!


I like them all, but I think Barnwood is my fave!!

Deanna M

bluegrass for sure!!!


Barnwood, obviously, would be the most useful of the collection. But then, my heart goes out to Clover... hopefully I won't have to make that VERY difficult choice!! ;) Thanks for the chance.


I absolutely love the new orange color!


It surprises me,I'm usually not an orange person, but I find that orange mist really attractive & can think of a couple of projects, right off the top of my head, where I could use it.


awesome awesome giveaway! I love clover!


definitly bunny blue, absolut gerogeous.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

Bluegrass is my favorite.


Lovin' everyone of them, but I will put Bluegrass at the top of my list....

Michela S

Oooh theyre all so yummy looking!! I think bluegrass and clover are a tie as favourites for me!!


oh my, I'm torn between barn wood and clover :S I hope I win them all :)

C :)

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