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Ally White

I am swooning!! Awesome....Everything!!!

Lexi Bridges

Oh my goodness!!! All of these are great, but those woodgrain clouds are to die for cute!!!


Those grid butterflies (especially the green ones) and the grid clouds are the best! I love everything I've seen this week but those clouds are awesome!


I. LOVE. THOSE. CLOUDS!!!!!! Everything is so amazing but the clouds are really gonna be my favourites!!

leslie moradi

Those butterflies and clouds are adorable--i'm going to be in big trouble when these get released for pre-sale.

tammy g

Would love to use the phrases on a children's school layout. Looks so much fun!


Great releases!!! I think the clouds are a must-have for me!


I'm normally not a rub-on fan at all, but all of these have me thinking I could change my tune. I love them all, especially the butterflies and clouds.

stephanie p

well it looks like those butterflies will keep my "butterfly kick" going for quite some time! - but i'm sooo okay with that.

Kristin Hayne

I think you DID save the best for last.... LOVIN' the clouds and butterflies....

Jennifer O.

The phrases are the best! Can't wait to find them.

Holly H.

in LOVE with those rub on clouds. I will own every version of those!


I love the rub-on butterflies and clouds!


As Homer Simpson would say...aawwwwwww (drool) ... cloud rub-ons?!!! I don't think anyone else is going to get any because I'm going to grab them ALL! And the days of the week. The ideas are brewing!


ooh, I absolutely adore the new rub-ons! The clouds, the phrases-they're all fabulous!!!


love it all!!

Beth Ann

Oh my gosh this is rub-on heaven....LOVE them ALL!!


The clouds would be a wonderful addition in my scraproom! :)


OMG - I LOVE those clouds! All of them!!!


Especially love the phrases!

Valerie Bishop

Love love love the butterflies!! And those clouds...swoon! Y'all just keep getting more fabulous each time you post something new!! I love everything about every single piece of product that you are releasing this season!! Thanks so much!! :)

Shannon H.

I love the butterflies, of course. I really like the phrases!!


Wow! I actually added all of those to my shopping list! Love the graph butterflies and clouds!!!!


Oh my God i love the butterflies and the weekday rubons.


it's all so fabulous...i've run out of superlatives!


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