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love Dove chocolates .... have to hide them from the kids ;)

Monica F.

My favorite candy is Sourpatch kids or the Sourpatch fruits. Love all the new divine rub-ons!

Doreen OBrien

I love love love Butterfingers :)

Amy Gomez

I love mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups, almost as much as I love those rub-ons!

Christina Ocampo

My favorite candy are Kit Kat's. Thanks a chance to win!


I'm going to have to say Skittles. Their commercials are like a trip through Alice in Wonderland and the colors are super fun.


Orange Cream Kisses... it's a travesty they're only on shelves during the Easter season. Love these rub-ons... love all things SC though :)


My favorite store bought candy (because my all-time favorite is my mother-in-law's toffee) is Dove Peppermint Bark Chocolate Promises. They taste fantastic and I love the Promise message inside the foil wrapper! (Unfortunately they are a seasonal item. :(

Those rub-ons rock! Thanks for the chance to win!


Just plain chocolate - can't go wrong with that!


chocolate is not candy sillies! it's a sweet! i prefer candy to chocolate and my cavities will attest =/ i love laffy taffy and gummi bears!

Alison Day

I am a candy junkie so it's hard to pick a favourite! I usually gravitate towards the chocolatey over the sugary though - Coffee Crisp, Skor bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, ... mmmmm .... now I'm hungry!


Well Now my Fav.Candy is Now or Laters In Green Apple or if I go by my mom's house in the City I go to the bodega (NY grocery store)and get me a $2.00 worth of Sour Sticks.. OHHHHH I think its almost a trip to the city!

Mary Duffek

My fav. candy is Swedish Fish....yummo!


favorite candy is those seasonal jawbreaker hearts from valentines. i love them so! it's good that they are only available once a year.

a close second... trader joes salted chocolate caramels. again... good they are only available once a year! yum!


I have to admit I am a nerd for Nerds. I won't buy them though. I just steal them from my kids when they get them at Halloween or bring them home from a party.


I LOVE sweet tarts. And tootsie pops. mmmmmm... candy :)


My favourite candy is kit-kat :)


Purdy's chocolates are my most fav! Yummy!

caroline hancock

anything chocolatey mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
loving these rub ons :)


Hot Tamales all the way!!!

Felicia Young

All CHOCOLATE! Especially See's Candies, I cannot help it and I just love the smell of the store as soon as you walk in, the free samples, the chocolate truffles.....mmmmmmm.

young c-m

Mmm, Dove Chocolates are my fave right now. :)

Rachael Schepemaker

almond joy!


Salt & pepper potatoe chips. I _can_ live without it, but I _won't_! :D

Christina C

almond roca. or anything chocolate. thanks for the chance at a sweet treat!

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