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Oooh, love the new FabRips! But each package won't still be $5 will it?! Eek, that would REALLY be bad for my bank account. LOL. Because I HAVE TO have FabRips. :-)

p.s. Did you guys change suppliers for FabRips? The last few haven't been like all the ones before, and I'm having a lot of trouble with them. I can't just rip one strip off anymore... they stretch and pull the others, and they also don't rip straight anymore. :-( Will this be remedied? Or is that just the new way?

Lexi Bridges

colored notions? a whole sheet of WOODGRAIN fab rips?! Be still my heart!!

Larissa  Heskett

AWESOME!! I just LOVE this and I can't wait to play!! The fabric strips are going to be even more fun!! LOVE the new notions too!!! Can't wait to see more!! THANKS for the fun and have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

Kim B.

I really like the countryside notions and FabRips!! That pink color would be all over my pages :)

Holly H.

I really like the new notions. The pink ones are to die for! I hope there are stamps coming up :)


Wow, can't wait to get my hands on all of these goodies!


looooove the colored notions.

Hollie S.

I cannot wait to bankrupt myself on all of these fabulous goodies!!! :)

Ann P.

Love the full sheet of Fabrips and the colors of the Notions! :)

Christi Parker

I am loving those pink notations, will defintely have to get a a couple of packages!


LOVE the pinks and yellows!


Really delightful...I am particularly taken with the FabRips.


Ooh, I'm loving the full sheets!

Jen D

ooh - I love the Fabrips! Now I won't feel so sad about using them, since I'll still have more! LOVE it!

Ally White

I am in love!


gorgeous :)


seriously losing my mind over every element of each collection! its like they were designed FOR me ;)
CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on it all!

Andrea macDonald

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I'll take 5 of everything please!!! ; )


OMG! More Notions & in color! EEK! Must have! Love the new Fabrips too!

Shannon H.

I love the new Notions, great colors!!


I love the Fab Rips, gorgeous designs!


I love everything!! My hubby is not gonna be happy when these all become available ;)

tammy kist

wow...I love those flowers!!!

jamie long

those first fabs are my fave. I love any and all faux bois.


OMG, love the country side fab-rips, especially the pink houndstooth. And notions in yellow?! Be still my heart!

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