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great challenge. LOVE this page. the photo, journaling and design are all lovely !~

Claudia McDaniel

I've been struggling to find my word...and the word FOCUS keeps finding me. Your post today sealed the deal that this must be my word, too. Thank you for that!!

Brenda H

great challenge and layout - you look so darn cute in those pictures!


That's my word, too! I haven't scrapped in I don't know how long (even tho' I am a SC subscriber)...I'm trying to get myself to FOCUS today and work on a page, since I have the day off for the kids' last day of Christmas break. Come to my side of Oregon and give me a push! :)

Julia C

Love this challenge...the reminder to take a photo of myself is very timely. Must do that this afternoon :)


My word is not on the layout, because I haven't decided yet... But the journaling says it all :)


Diane Payne

I just completed a layout a couple days ago that fits this perfectly.



Gosh darn it! I just made a layout w/my word before this was posted. It has some photos of me on it, but no self-portraits! I'll post it anyway...I doubt I'll make another one! Great challenge, though!! :)


joanne smith

love your layout dav! and ... i'm loving the OLW class... i might just be able to do this challenge!! thanks!

kim smart

what a great challenge! my word is persevere and i hope to stick with it this year!!

Laurel S

Great challenge - I uploaded my layout!


brandy messer

love this layout and love the one little word challenge...this is my first yr participating and i have picked the word "conquer". already it has changed my way of thinking and the yr has just begun!!!


Love it! My word is calm. I need some calm in my life! I hope to get to participate.

Jennie M

I just did mine! I haven't uploaded to the gallery yet, but did put it on my newest blog!


great challenge, and just the kick up the backside i needed to do a layout on my word!! so thanks ;o)


Vanne Paris

Very cute layout!


Great challenge... you will find mine here:


Great challenge, here's mine: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/34942

Mindy Murray

I love that I have a layout to hang up and remind me what I am working on.



Here's mine! http://www.marcypenner.com/?p=4670

Jennifer Larson

I love your LO! HEre's mine: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/34959


Here is my one little word :) http://scrapbookmamaof4kidz.blogspot.com/2011/01/determination.html

stephanie p

here's my one little word layout.
your layout looks great, thanks for the inspiration to scrap my word.


I didn't take the photo myself. Just got a new camera and I haven't figured out the self-timer yet (duh). So I had to get help with that part. But here's the layout:



Here's my take....

Hugs, Petra

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