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time with family!


The look on my kids' face when they realize Santa's been to our house!


Christmas Eve service--truly the most magical and wondrous part of the entire season for me!

Lindsay W

The smells: Vanilla, Pine, Cinnamon, Almond, Cranberry, peppermint......


i love time with family!

Stacy H

The Christmas themed episodes of my favorite tv shows.

Missy Gener

My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing my little ones faces on christmas morning. They are still at the age where it is all magical to them and I know I will miss these days when they are gone.

Ashley Harris

Um, my mother in law's toffee. It is why I gain the 10lbs over the holidays!

Kirsty Riach

My ultimate favourite is Christmas Yule Log - I love it so much and it makes it all the more special that it only comes out once a year!

Of course, I love spending the time with my family too....especially if there's Yule Log!!


It's all about spending time with family & friends. =)


Finding the "perfect" gift ... and giving it!


Embarrasing, but I kinda love the gifts.. Giving and receiving.. :P Seeing the kids on the 24th is truely a gift - how much they look foreward to the evening and just waiting.. :D


Getting together with family and no one has to be anywhere. You can just relax and enjoy :O)

Hollie S

Waking up Christmas morning, making coffee, fixing cinnamon rolls, watching the parade and opening presents with family in our PJ's and slippers. Love. :)


I love how cheerful and joyous everything looks-- even in the midst of grey days and yucky weather.

Also, the most important thing-- remembering that Jesus is the Christ, and came to save us from our sins! Hallelujah!

Melissa C

That my husband and I enjoy the hustle and bustle together. He doesn't want to miss a second of the holiday season and for that I am appreciative!

Megan P

christmas music!!!

Valerie Bishop

Having all my family together is the most special thing of all about the holidays!!

Julie Mitchell

Staying in our pyjamas all day on the 26th, playing with our new toys, eating leftovers and enjoy our family time together.


I just love the atmosphere of Christmas, the lights, decorations, music and most of all the joy of the season.

Christie Wildes

My favorite thing about Christmas is the wonder and excitement on my children's faces. I love all the decorations and the little chill in the air is just perfect.

It's my favorite time of the year!!


lisa k in tx

People are friendlier...there is a different smell in the air...and definitely the Christmas tree! Lisa K in TX


Baking cookies and singing christmas songs..well it's all about family!

Heather V

I love that people seem a little more cheery during the holidays. I don't run into too many Scrooges or Grinches, so I guess it just makes this time of year a little more special.

Theresa S.

My mom's homemade cinnamon rolls ...

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