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I was definitely a science girl.

lfsgud (Ann P.)

Reading was my favorite subject. :)


english. that was an easy one :)


In elementary school, it was Reading/English, in secondary school it was English, and in undergrad it was Philosophy or Religion (which were my two majors).


I loved anything to do with reading or writing! Great giveaway!!!


My favorite subject was always history...loved it and still do.


art was my favorite!


I loved history. Still do!

Wendy Orme

I loved art and English the most.

Tatiana Schryer

Spelling, spelling, spelling! Still loving it! Thanks for this opportunity!

Erin Whelan

English...hands down. My fave fave HS teacher had read the complete works of William Shakespeare 3 TIMES and totally got me hooked. (Funny sidenote: I am currently going back to school VIA the internet and those spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons are all coming back to me now!) Thanks for the lovely chance to win!

Fulltime Mom

Loved english lit and history! Both romantic subjects in my opinion.


History was my all time fave class in High School and College!


Reading was my favorite. It still is.

Monica Blain

I'm one of those that liked just about everything in school (except P.E.!). I loved math - I have a math brain & am good with numbers - but I also loved the creative aspect of English. So... I'll choose art in honor of scrapping! LOL

Allison Waken

Science! or lunch ;)


Math, I love Calc :) ... followed closely by physics.

Christy Walker

My favorite subject was History and Art!

Ember S.

English...loved Spelling and LOVED diagramming sentences!! Such a nerd!

Colleen S

My favorite was math until I got to calculus... :)

Wendy Peatross

I loved reading/English and art!


I always liked gym class best ;) Awesome giveaway!!

amy emery

Math! and art and library--ok, really anything except PE and speech! :)


I can't decide between music and tech drawing!!


Favourite school subject would have had to been english- i was such a book worm! although Biology came a close second :)

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