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Reading in elementary school and English after that!


Math because I love to figure stuff out & it was fun to be the "smart one" in my group of friends :)

Briana N.

I loved reading/English. Totally my cup of tea. Perhaps that is why I am a teacher now! :)


My favorite subject was science. I loved to cut up the animals and grow things in petri dishes.


i loved english class!

Sarah W.

I would love this! My fave subject in school was French.

Jen M

Chemistry and Physics were my favorites!! I always loved getting to 'play' in lab!

Suzy Gray

I loved math class

Donna Graves

I would have to say English...



Ann Marie Bazeley

My favorite subject was Anatomy and Phisology (advanced placement)..I am weird that way!

danni perez

my fav class by far was recess! loved meeting friends out on the playground. does that count?lol

Laura Stewart

math, for sure!

Amy Scalze

My favorite subject was psychology.


Oooh, love me some Elementary! Biology was my favorite.


My favorite subject to teach is Social Studies. Right now we're learning about the Aztecs!

Jenny Alfonso

I have always loved English Literature!

Jeanne Hebert

My favorite subject was History, which is funny because I ended up being a science teacher.

Stacy Koo

My fav subject has to be mathematics ! :) it's always the happiest lesson of the day...

Thanks for the great chance!:)

Shawn Wenrich

Love this collection and the colors are so fresh, yum! My favorite school subject was always English. Just came very easy to me and I'm also such an avid ready. Now Agelbra that was torture!

Kerry engel

My fav class was Art history. Thanks for the contest.


I loved trig! I know, who likes trig?


I use to love math and now that I have been teaching I love reading.

cindy barriga

English+math+art. I just could not pick one! :D

Josie T

My favorite subject is Art... :) Love it loads

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