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Sharon Osborn

My favorite subject was Reading...gotta love Dick and Jane :)

kim smart

favorite subject was reading as well with history a very close second!!!

Michelle (from KY)

My favorite subject was always french. I loved language and history in general. Geat giveaway!


my favourite subjects in high school were math - any math - and science. my fav subject at university was linguistics - still math believe it or not.

Ashley Harris

Hands down my favorite subject was English. Love reading!!


Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite subject was probably History - I love this product line ;)


My favorite subject was english, but my option class favorite was photography!

Sharmaine Kruijver

Ohhhhh my most loved subject of all time would have to have been reading in Grade 1. I loved my Grade 1 teacher and still have wonderful memories of her reading Charlotte's Web.

Tressa Atkinson

My favorite subject had to be Art!!


Recess! I didn't like school until I went to college. Before then, I loved art, sewing and parenting and childcare. We actually ran a preschool and that's where I decided to be a teacher.


loved science!!


I was a total geek and loved maths - just liked the black and white of having a CORRECT answer! Great reveal night giveaway - thanks!

Julia C

It's a toss up between Music, French and German...I was definitely better at arts subjects!


While I loved English and would have loved Art class if we'd had it, my favorite class was Contemporary Issues. Loved just talking about life!


English for sure! Math was the worst for me!
Thanks for the chance!!

Melissa R.

My favorite subject was Math, crazy I know!

Andrea MacDonald

Art was always my favourite. Even as far back as grade 1 it was the one class I could not ever miss.


My favorites were math & spanish. Thanks for the great giveaway!


love it! my favorite class was English ;)


English was my favorite, followed closely by social studies/history. :-)

Lexi Bridges

ENGLISH-- I was an only child and loved to read :) Love the colors and patterns in Elementary!


I'd say Bio or French. I had a really great French teacher in high school. Guess that's why I ended up majoring in Bio and minoring in French--they were very useful together in my job search after graduation! : )


In elementary school, it was Art all the way :) I really enjoyed English and History in high school!

Julie H

My favorite subject in school was always chemistry...now I guess I would have to say Math (it's what I teach every day!) :)


english. hands down!

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