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Meredith Treloar

I love the sound of chili powder and I love red so that it my choice!!

Great giveaway!!

Kate aka stinkydudette

I love red, and Chili Powder sounds fiery!!


I like Chili Powder the most. Such a nice red color!


Well, I am a sucker for black - the simplest is often the best ;)

Natalie E

Ooooohh, tough choice. I'd have to go with Chili Powder I think!

Janie B.

Chili powder sounds like a great fall color - that would be my choice.

Thank you for the opportunity. :)

Fulltime Mom

Sounds like chili powder's going to be hot! hot! hot! I like!

Kelly Rodgers

Malted Milk sounds yummy to me


Malted Milk is my favorite of the three. Thanks for the chance to win!


chili powder! love that red!


Malted milk please.. :)


I like Fountain Pen color.


malted milk for me...thanks for the give away!


I love strong colours, therefore chili powder!
Second strong runner up would definitely be malted milk - great colour!


I think I love the Malted Milk, in fact, it looks so delicious, I might event want to eat it ;)


They all look yummy, but I like Malted Milk the best ;)

Marcia Deignan

I would like Malted Milk in honor of all the halloween candy sitting in my kitchen! Would love this - thank for the chance to win.

Angela H.

All three colors are great, but I'm a sucker for a good red: Chili Powder it is!

Yvonne Benson

oooh hard decision but chili powder would be wonderful on a page.

Kathy (kathyb)

They all sound "good enought eat" I'll go for chili powder as I've a chili plant in my kitchen and love mexican food!

Thanks for the chance to enter.

Julia Diane

Malted Milk sounds delish... serve it up!

Abbey S.

chili powder looks like a wonderful red (but to be honest, i need them all)!


Definitely Malted Milk :-) Can't wait to try them...

Kelly Toth

Everything goes with chili, right?

Melinda M.

Malted milk for me! :)

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