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Adidas Porsche Design S2

Maybe you have never really understand my existence.

Linda in Aus

I'm a dropper.

Heather - housesbuiltofcards

What fun! I think I have used several of those techniques - but I think I tend to take the lid off and drop big drips that way mostly, or splatter...

Julie Jacobs

love this video! great ideas!

Barb Housner

I would like some of those - put them on my wish lsit

Barb Housner

Sarah L

I'm just your typical sprayer...it's my favorite look.
But I will on occasion add a drop or splatter if i'm feelin in the mood :)

Tiffany Rochelle (tffnyjean)

I'm a mister/masker right now but I bought some zing this month I can't wait to try some resisting!


I like to spray the Huey,,and wipe. Favorite though is over embossing.

Lisa (sideoats + scribbles)

Now THAT was an awesome video! And I am already addicted to misting :)

Missy G

I think I am the only person that can't see the video? The link above links to the most recent blog post and I can't seem to find the video searching in the site? Help! I want to view it!

Missy G

Found it!!

Amanda Outland

I'm currently a mister, but this video gave me some more ideas, and solidified that I *need* more Mister Huey's.


I love to drop & use the masks :)

Emily Muto

That's such a cute video!! I never tried the spray and wipe, can't wait to try that!!


Thank for this video , it's wonderful all these color !!

Beth E.

I've just started to get into mists/sprays. Love the wipe it off technique...good ideas to get me going. Thanks!


all 3 :) - but most of the time dropper ;-)


Love this video & never thought to use embossing & sprays. Brilliant.


I mostly use my mists with stencils. But also to color.
I love splatters, and do that all the time as well.

I absolutely adore the Mister Hueys, however I'd like to say that I am often misguided by the color on the labels and the real color, and think it could be improved (it is often way lighter on the label that in real life, and sometimes it brings some... surprise) :)

Andrea Kuenzel

fun video!

Becky Monmaney

Awesome video - love the resisting technique!


Such a fun video and I loved the music. Had me smiling this morning!

maria f.

So into splatter at present.


I love to mist and mask. But I am so excited to try the spray resist ideas. I loved the combination of embossing, spraying and wiping.


Love her masking techniques!

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