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Ooo I like this challenge. I hardly ever scrap my "now" photos, so I really hope I get to do this one.

emily (justem)

very cool layout :)


I really like this challenge but one question, are we supposed to only scrap one photo, or can we use multiple "now" photos on one layout?

lisa truesdell

Hayley - go ahead and put as many photos on there as you like! =)


Here it is - my son just started Kindergarten last week!!!!!!

Here it is: http://static.studiocalico.com/system/gallery_pictures/images/000/115/245/original/DSC_4134_185edit.jpg

PS - I never scrap NOW photos - so this was a great challenge for me. I want to scrap them, just can't seem to get to them...


This is only the second page I have made for my 7 month old daughter's baby book. This was a great challenge to get me going!

Kirsi Ropponen

This is from last sunday. http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/68878-sundaywalk
Loved this challenge, I'm a huge NOW scrapper. Sometimes I have a LO ready one hour after taking a good shot;)


Mine is from a recent storm day. We're in "monsoon" season in Arizona.



From last weekend, when we actually had some sunshine so he popped outside to build :) I actually find I only scrap now things, I keep looking at all those baby pictures thinking I really should do something with them but just cant get into the groove of "old" photo's!


Allie Hamblin

This is mine. Photo was taken last Sunday:

Nora R

Here's my layout, it's one of the most recent photos I had of my cat, from August 21st. I hope it's NOW enough:) http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/69033-serenity-plays-hide-seek

toni from

This is my layout, the picture was taken the last day of August, 2012



Here is my take. The photo was taken on a trip to Amsterdam in August 2012.


Stephanie DiSabato

Here's my layout with a photo taken today!

Stephanie DiSabato

this link should be better: http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/69079-center-of-my-universe

Sarah Swann

Here's mine! Thanks for the push to use a newer photo! http://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/69116-your-first-words

Betsy Gourley

We must be on the same wavelength Lisa. I have only been desiring to scrap current photos too. Here is my layout called One Step at a Time:


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