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I did them all =) Thanks for the fun challenges!


I´ve done them all! It was so much fun!

Jenny G

I have finished all of the NSD challenges. I think I have created my best layouts yet! Thanks for all the fun challenges!


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I just finished them! Thanks again for all the great challenges!


I did it! I finished all the challenges! Thanks! Great Great Fun!


Yay! I finished them all! Super fun and thanks for the chance :)


Just finished my last layout. Now to load them all up to the gallery!! This is my first NSD and first time doing all the challenges. Thanks for the inspiration!! I had tons of fun and it actually reignited all the mojo up again. I really needed this spark!!



I created only one page with all the constraints required in the 6 challenges, hope is in order ...


I did it. Puh, hard work(out) but good :-)


I finally did it... Uploaded all 10 layouts.. yes, 10!! Still can't believe I challenged myself to break out the kits and do all 12x12 pages.. First time doing challenges, loading pics to the gallery and linking them.. It's actually so fun! Thank you SC and NSD for all the fun!! Definitely inspired..


I completed all challenges. They're in one place on my blog: http://rockermorsan.blogspot.se/2012/05/happy-nsd.html and also in my SC gallery. Thanks for a great NSD!!!

Diane Payne

I've completed all the challenges! Thanks so much!

Ashley Horton

I finished all of them this weekend!! YAY! I had so much fun playing along with you guys!! :)

brianna b

I did them all! I am so happy that I got more pages out this last week! Thanks for doing this!


I just finished all the challenges! Thanks SC for pushing me, esp. stamp wise! :)


I did it! what a great week and experience!

Nora Raaum

I completed them all! Thank you for all the great inspiration, it was fun:D

Alexia Nguyen

I have completed all the challenges, thank you for providing some much inspiration and fun!


Wow, incredible prize! I took part in all the NSD challenges this week & really enjoyed doing so. Was just the inspiration I needed to get back into scrapbooking after a long semester at university. A big thank you to the team for all the work you put in :)


I got them all done!!! I can't believe it!!!Thanks for the fun!


Yay! I finished all of these awesome challenges! Thank you so much ladies!


I did it! I'm so excited to participate here :) I love all the gallery projects. I feel like SC has really classy member submissions and happy to be part of your community.


I just finished posting and linking to all of the challenges! It was fun!


I just finished all of the challenges! kinda surprised that I got them all done :) Thank you SC!

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