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charity becker

wow!!!! Studio Calico and Misty Buck...does it get any better than that? I hope we'll be seeing more of her amazing work around here!

Becci Manies

What a great card! Way to go Misty!


Wow! This card is amazing! I'll be checking my mail everyday till I receive it! JK :)


Cyndee K.

Love Misty and love this card!


Misty, I love the card.


Awesome card, Misty! I love it! I'm off to my scrap room now and you have inspired me to try my hand at the confetti thing :)

Jen McDermott

Misty, this is just pure gorgeousness! You are one talented lady!

Michelle K

Misty, you always do such great work. I may just have to steal this idea ;)

Stephanie U

Beautiful card Misty!

Amber Sheaves

I love Misty's work! This is no exception!!

Kristina MacKeen

I love this card, Misty! Your work is always amazing!!!


This is such a fun card, Misty! I need to dust off those punches and get to crafting! Thanks for the inspiration!

Samantha Allkins

Thank you Misty for sharing your beautiful work :)

Deborah Johnson

WOW!!! What bright and beautiful colors - love the way you created the rainbow!

Amy Williams

Oh my fabulousness Misty! Such a great idea and such a fun and happy card! So happy to see you featured here!

Helen Tilbury

This is AMAZE Misty - just fantastic!


I’ve been mixing for almost 10 years now. I use to be in to all the turn-tablism kind of stuff but now it’s on the back burner.

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