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so adorable! My Valentine is my kitty Lola who is purring away next to me <3

Taylor S

My Valentine this is year is my darling husband Josh. This will be our fifth Valentine's together! Time goes by so fast and before we know it, we will have a little one who will need this bib. ;)


My Valentine is my amazing husband Seth. We will be married 18 years this May. :)

Nora Raaum

My boyfriend of 1 1/2 year, Axel. Love him so much <3

Bethany Becker

My Valentine is my Husband Arie.


My sweetheart and Valentine is my best-friend and husband, Brian. We will be celebrating an Anniversary of our marriage this month as well.


my hubby of 26 years, Rob.


I have 2 Valentines this year. The hubster and our baby boy that turns 4 months old tomorrow!


i dont have one, i dont celebrate it. that bib is gorgeous! Thanks for a super giveaway!


My wonderful husband Mike is my Valentine! This bib is so cute and perfect for my 8 month old Piper who is quite the messy eater!

melanie g

My Valentine this year and for the past 10 years is my husband.

Michelle A.

my valentine is my husband, Kevin!!!

Valerie Durham

My Valentine is my sweet and wonderful husband of 13 years. I must also say that my other two Valentines are my darling daughter, who is 5, and our baby boy, who will be here in just over a month! :)

Olga S.

my hubby is my Valentine <3

Betsy Gourley

My husband is out of town this week and my daughter has musical rehearsal tomorrow night, so my evening will be spent with my sweet 12 year old son, Colin.

Audra wright

My amazing husband and my two kiddos :)

Roxanne Pharand

my husband and new baby!


My wonderful husband!


My favorite valentine is my 6 yo daughter! Talk about unconditional love!!

young c

My hubs and my 2 year old son. :)


That's a fab baby bib! This year and for the past 13 years, my Valentine is my boyfriend Fabrice. Thanks for the game.


Love this bib! It would look adorable on my little guy!! I can't pick just one valentine this year, my heart belongs to my 4 kiddos and my hubs!

ana smith

come March I'll be a first time grandma, this would be a great little gift for her.

Shirley Lupton

My husband is my valentine.

Jennifer Forsyth

My Valentine is a little miracle boy, Hudson, whom we are all anxiously waiting to be born. He is overdue 8 days. This bib would be perfect for this miracle baby and his Mommy, not me, will appreciate it's organic qualities. Pick me!

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