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Jen Clark

LOVE this!!!!!!!


OHGosh Jen....this is awesome!!!! I love your layout too. I just love how you added them to the twine. Just curious....is that a total of four or did you use more than one in each little section? If you know what I mean.


Lindy, Not sure exactly what you mean, but I can tell you that each circle embellishment is made up of 3 folded in half circles cut from patterned paper. The white outline you're seeing is punched from a 1 1/2 punch, and is just lying flat on the cardstock, not part of the paper circles.
Soes that answer your question?


Ha.... you completely stole my idea Jen....lol I've been making those for a while, I just think they are awesome, especially on xmas cards... ;o)

Mandy Smith

I love this!!! I am wondering, however, how do those fit in an album. Does it squash them?


OMG. . wondering where "boobus" comes from because my husband has been calling me that (as a term of endearment) for 12 years! Thanks for the tutorial!


Mandy, I don't put them in page protectors. They would get squished. Most of my layouts are just lying around though. :)

Jaime...I have NO idea where it came from! Just sort of evolved.


Jen those embellishments are incredible!!!! Thanks :)

Kathleen Glossop

Love this!!


Sorry Jen....I meant on your layout. The one's down the left side combined with the twine. I'm not really sure how to explain it but I think you did answer it. You have four down the left side and each one is just one embellishment (made of the three folded in half). Thanks!!!!

Jennifer D.

So. So. cute! I used these recently with little snips cut on the edges of the circles so it would be a pompom for a cheerleading card. See it at www.facebook.com/Abundant.Greetings


I love these. I've seen them done as cherries & as a grape cluster for a wine bottle tag. Super cool idea!

Isabel Warrell

Love them! Just one question: are these safe for scrapbooks or are they to bulky for page protectors?

Isabel Warrell

too (I hate typos) LOL

Michelle Clement

These are so lovely, Jen!! :)


Just wondering how many times must you staple these? Can you see the staples once you adhere them to your page?

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