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great spotlight !~ i can see Charlie in you too. =)


Thanks for sharing! Yes, Charlie does look like your baby picture! Your scrap space and nice and neat!


Laura's gallery is the first one I look at every month.


awesome spotlight!!! ... loved getting to know more about ya, Laura :)

C. Rayevich

Beautiful photos! i your scrap space is so nice and neat love it. Yes Laura is one of my favorites!

Chris Dodaj

I loved this spotlight! I love your space and your favorite photos are beautiful :)

Laura Fiore

Awww, I have been a Laura fan for a long time, and I love that each time you do a reveal or a getting to know you, you peel away another layer so that I can get to know you better! Your space says you...that neat, clean, slightly OCD look is all over your layouts and I wish I could achieve it!

emily pitts

your space is totally you laura! i love it. thanks for this little peek.

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